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Head of Brand Design
2015 – Current




At Coursera we envision a world where anyone, anywhere can transform their life by accessing the world’s best learning experience.

I joined Coursera to lead brand, marketing and communication design. While at Coursera, I built a team of designers and writers both on staff, freelancing and at times partnering with agencies to deliver effective communications across all channels. I also partnered heavily with our Product Design team to create compelling and engaging brand moments for our learners. 

At Coursera, I'm not most proud of being able to share amazing learner stories by people across the globe that thought a world-class education was out of reach and impossible. 


Brand Design Manager
2012 – 2015

At Asana we are trying to help humanity thrive by enabling all teams to work together effortlessly.

I joined Asana very early in the company's history to lead brand, marketing and communication design. Basically, at a startup as the only Comms Designer, you pitch in to solve any problem with design.

At Asana, I'm not most proud of building an awesome brand, websites, user onboarding, advertising campaigns, great brand moments in our product or cool screenprinted posters. I am most proud of building our amazing and talented team. 


Highlight: Asana Redesign - this was a monumental challenge and a complete company effort to see through. I had my hand in almost every part of the process. When you see how awesome the new Asana logo, visual design, product design, web design and videos, it emphasizes not my design talent, but how we built an awesome team to pull it off. 


Designer / Design Manager

At Facebook we strived to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected.

You might be seeing a trend. A company's mission is extremely important to me. It's why I moved my family across the country from Detroit to San Francisco. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to help people connect.

I joined Facebook when they just started trying to get brands and advertisers to connect with their customers in a new way. I was the first designer on the team that tried to woo, educate and show them how using Facebook could help their brands. 

Highlight: Facebook for Business - is a website that hosts education, best practices, case studies and  videos to help wrap your brain around how to use Facebook for you brand or company. I not only designed two versions of this important resource, but I and my team created and designed all the content and made the engaging case study videos. 

Happy Cog

Strategic Partner

After spending 6 years as the Creative Director at TNS, I wanted to try my luck working for a bunch of different clients and not just one in-house brand. Also, I wanted to try going on my own. Most of my work in these years came from my friends at the acclaimed digital agency, Happy Cog. Basically, I would work on projects that didn't require an entire team , but that Happy Cog could support and grow, or I would add value to a bigger team for very large, projects. I got to work with clients like ADP (product design), Intuit, ESPN, Mozilla and SmartyPig.

Highlight: SmartyPig - SmartyPig was a client of Happy Cog. SmartyPig wanted to bring someone on their team to help ideate on new product they had some ideas for. I helped the SmartyPig team ideate, wireframe, test, create user interaction flows, design, and create a theming engine for a fundraising product. We got to work with the University of Texas creating a new service for their half a billion dollar a year fundraising campaigns. 


Creative Director

Living in Philadelphia, PA where my wife was working on her MFA in Painting, I began working as a Senior Designer at a small market research company. After two years and several mergers, I became a Creative Director for the 2nd largest market research company in the world. I got to create a new brand and identity with the London agency, Wolff Olins, work on international websites that had to be translated in over 20 languages, and somehow make market research data look sexy... okay, maybe sexy is pushing it, let's go with handsome. 

Highlight: Rebrand - You know how almost every company's color is blue? Market research was pretty damn boring. We dropped a bombshell in the industry with a bold pink logo. Mind you this was before everyone else like T Mobile jumped on our bandwagon. Getting Data Analysts and Sales Executives especially in our more conservative sectors like Finance to believe in the power of pink was a huge challenge, but we did it. It was a huge differentiator. 

All the other jobs

Designer / Design Technologist / Art Director

After creating my university's first real website and then doing work study making all the department's sites, I got a Design Intern job at a Catholic Healthcare Network with over 40 hospitals in Metro Detroit called Mercy Health (now known as Trinity Health). That internship barely lasted a month before I was converted to full time. I made a design template for all the hospitals that proved very popular and sustainable. I also created a company-wide intranet so all the hospital could get centralized information. 

Literally, across the street was this new agency making internet sweepstakes and games for brands to use on their websites. I was employee 10 at ePrize. It was a fun start-up before we used the word start-up. At ePrize I made and designed cool Flash games for national brands. I was designing and coding.

When the internet bubble burst in 2001, I was unemployed for a while, but got work making annoying Flash ads and games from some of my ePrize connections like Orbitz, Travelocity, and Hachette Books.